9 Ways New Years Resolutions Fail and How Karate Can Help…

9 Ways New Years Resolutions Fail and How Karate Can Help…

You might be thinking How can KARATE at Premier Martial Arts Frisco help with goal setting  and is “not another goal-setting program!” Goal setting is so much a key to success that it’s cliché.

We know it, but most of us don’t do it. Karate (Martial Arts) builds both Physical and Mental Skills – Both of which are very IMPORTANT when designing, setting and achieving your goals.  It gives you EVERYTHING you need to achieve your goals, to BREAKTHROUGH, and to create lasting transformation.

Second, regardless of how cliché it is, setting goals is VITAL if you want any chance of fulfilling your dreams. According to a study published by the University of Scranton, people who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.

10 times more likely! Those are some good odds! Karate training at Premier Martial Arts Frisco can and will enhance your success.

Most people only consider their goals once per year—around New Year’s Eve. But, that same study shows that less than 50% of people even make New Year’s Resolutions. And, only 8% of those people succeed. That may sound low, but it’s still 10 times more likely to lead to success than NOT making a resolution! Since Karate training is both physical and mental also, year around not seasonal it will maintain the goal achievement mind set. That’s why we started Premier Martial Arts Frisco!

However, your odds could be much, MUCH greater. What if you could learn what that 8% who succeed at their resolutions did differently and then DO THAT? Well, you can! 

Here’s another study that provides a clue: In 1953 Yale University conducted interviews with their graduating class. One of the questions they asked was “Do you have a clear, specific set of goals with a plan for achievement?” Only 3% responded “yes.” Twenty years later, the alumni were interviewed again. The 3% who had written plan were found to be more well-adjusted and happier about their lives than the others. But what’s more impressive is that the net worth of the 3% who had specific goals with a PLAN was more than the other 97% combined. What’s the clue? No, it’s not that you need to go to Harvard. It’s that even the supposedly smartest and best-educated people succeed because they have clear goals and a PLAN FOR ACHIEVEMENT.

Great! So we’ve learned one of the factors that separates those who succeed from those who fail. But there’s more! Below are the 9 reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail and why most people don’t achieve their goals.

  1. They don’t have goals: Everyone wants things, but in order to be a goal it needs to be stated
    explicitly. Setting goals matters because with goals they create our future in advance. Their only
    other choice is to deal with whatever hand they’re dealt, which usually means doing what they
    “should” and living other people’s dreams.
    We think creating your destiny is a much better way to live than accepting the default.
  2. Their goals don’t inspire them, usually because it’s not what they REALLY want. They
    don’t know WHY they want it and they don’t want it bad enough.
    “You see, the meaning, the purpose behind why you want what you want is more important
    than the outcome… it’s not about the accolades or the stuff—it’s who you become because of
    them.”—Anthony Robbins
  3. Their goals aren’t specific enough. For example, a man that says “I want to be a leader for
    my family” which begs the question is “well, what’s preventing you from being a leader for your
    family?” He responds “I’m not focused enough.” Leaving the question, “well, what does that
    mean? Focused on what?” Without a specific goal it’s impossible to identify what you need to do
    or change.
  4. They don’t write it down: When you write your goals and desires down you become a
    creator. Seeing it on paper helps bring clarity. It makes it REAL. Writing it down tells yourself
    that you really mean it. Every study that we’ve ever read about success and goal achievement
    shows very clearly that taking goals out of your head and making them concrete by writing them
    into a statement (or better yet, a plan) is absolutely mandatory for achieving that goal.
  5. They don’t have an actionable plan: A “plan” means a “plan of action”—otherwise it’s just
    a neat list of ideas. Writing down goals is important, but breaking them down into steps that can
    actually be taken is the only way to have any power to create those goals.
  6. They don’t take right action: This is the defining step that most people miss… taking the
    steps. There’s a big movement of people are waking up to recognize the power of their thoughts,
    focus and INTENTIONS… but they fail to understand they fail to realize that “intend” means
    “intend to DO.” It is true that you cannot force anything to happen—and, in fact, you shouldn’t
    try. Goal attainment isn’t about relentless action, it’s about right action. It’s about getting your
    mind focused with clarity on the outcomes you want and then taking deliberate steps in that
  7. They get derailed by road blocks: The biggest road block of all is being caught off-guard by
    road blocks. The key here is to anticipate that there WILL be setbacks and obstacles along the
    way. No matter how meticulously you plan, life will always throw something on your trail. It
    will never be perfect. Not being prepared for this can lead a bump in the road to knock you off
    course for good.
  8. They keep doing what doesn’t work: They say “I’ve tried like 1,000 ways” but when you
    ask them to name those ways, it turns out it’s really about 3, and they’ve tried those same 3 over
    and over again. They don’t assess what is working and not working. They don’t re-evaluate their
    plan. Just like a baby who is learning to walk, don’t give up after falling 3 times… keep trying
    NEW strategies until you find the one that works.
  9. They don’t have accountability: Most people don’t address the fact that starting or stopping
    a habit or making a long-term change can be really hard. Commitment to change takes vigilance,
    which takes accountability to something or someone outside of themselves.

So, now that you know what leads to failure, you know what leads to success!  Karate will give you everything you need to:

  • Set specific, inspirational goals
  • Write a strategic, detailed plan
  • Know exactly what steps to take
  • Overcome road blocks and learn from mistakes
  • Stay on track with a full year of content and support

We have used these goal setting techniques for ourselves and our students, and they’ve proven over and over again to be a catalyst for success. All of these are part of the Karate Training Experience.
The truth is that change isn’t hard. Life changes in a single moment. Everything else leading up to that moment is planning, preparation and inspired action, getting you ready to take advantage of that opportunity to transform when the timing is right.

This course has the potential to prepare you for your breakthrough and give you a blueprint to use over and over again as you achieve your goals in pursuit of your life’s biggest dreams. All it takes is for you to commit to yourself that THIS IS YOUR YEAR – Make Karate (Martial Arts) part of YOUR LIFE’S SUCCESS!!

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